After your initial interview with a Burrell clinical staff member, he or she may recommend additional testing in order to reach a diagnostic conclusion. Burrell is able to provide diagnostic evaluations for a variety of psychological, cognitive, attention, learning, educational, and personality concerns.

Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation A psychological evaluation includes an interview with the psychologist and a comprehensive battery of standardized paper and pencil tests of attention, concentration, memory, language, reasoning, and learning strengths and weaknesses. The tests may also include measures of intellectual functioning and behavior as well as instruments to assess mood, behavior and stress levels. These tests result in a thorough cognitive and behavioral profile which provides the referring staff member with objective information about your child’s functioning in terms of specific issues that may benefit from intervention. Coupled with the information gathered during your initial interview, any previous testing, related records from other professionals as well as information from your child’s school or daycare, the testing process generally results in a final diagnosis, definitive conclusions and a comprehensive written report that allows you and the referring staff member to understand what is going on with your child and how he or she can best be treated.

Medicaid and most insurance accepted.

For more information on diagnostic testing and evaluation for children, please contact:

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Mon Thur, 8:00am 8:00pm
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Outpatient Clinic

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