Community support services are designed to help those with a long term mental illness maintain emotional and mental stability, and develop a more satisfying and productive life. Our services are designed to promote recovery and help an individual with a serious and persistent mental illness maintain their independence.

A community support specialist may be assigned to your case after review of your diagnosis and past mental health history. The community support specialist will have contact with you as much as necessary to maintain your mental health – from once per month to as often as three times per week. He or she is tasked with helping you set your individual goals and working toward accomplishing your specific objectives. Some common goals we work toward are:

  • Actively involving you in planning how to reach treatment, rehabilitation and life goals;
  • Becoming and staying integrated in community housing, work, school and leisure activities of your choice;
  • Staying as independent as you can, even if you need some help doing so;
  • Having a life that is productive and satisfying and that fits with what you can do and want for yourself;
  • Maintaining access to mental health and other services that meet your needs and circumstances.

Community support specialists are a valuable resource, both to the individuals they assist and their family members. When the tasks ahead seem almost monumental or insurmountable, they find a way to keep on target with encouragement and support. They can assist with:

  • Taking the right medication(s) at the right time;
  • Making and keeping doctor and other health related appointments;
  • Locating and accessing services that help you improve your mental health;
  • Improving relationships with friends and family by increasing socialization and communication skills;
  • Applying for Social Security Disability/SSI, Food Stamps, Medicaid and other benefits;
  • Locating safe and affordable housing and in promoting independent living;
  • Learning life skills such as personal hygiene, shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, budgeting and accessing transportation;
  • Applying for Legal Aid, Family Services, Vocational Rehabilitation and other community services; and
  • Working through personal crises and everyday stressors in a constructive manner.

Burrell also has a specialized community support team that works with the unique needs of senior adults and those living in residential care facilities.

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