Alzheimer’s Disease and the Geriatric Patient


Friday, November 17, 2017
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Alzheimer’s Disease and the Geriatric Patient

Dahley Mensah, MSW, LMSW, QMPH; Lisa Thompson, MS; and Rob Hulstra

During this Workshop, our program’s team will best illustrate the importance of healthcare providers becoming more aware of Alzheimer’s disease, while understanding it to be life-changing for both the diagnosed individual and those close to him or her. While there is currently no cure, treatments are available that may help relieve some symptoms. The Alzheimer’s Association programs team will discuss the benefits of healthcare professionals taking full advantage of early intervention tools, online/fax referral process, care and support options that can improve quality of life for Springfield’s patient and families.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 

  1. Discuss Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Related Diagnosis;
  2. Describe various geriatric assessment partnerships in early detection interventions;
  3. Use the beneficial Alzheimer’s Association programs and services for patients and families
  4. Utilize the technology applications for healthcare professionals available through the Alzheimer’s Association; and
  5. Explain the Medicare annual wellness visit protocols and coding.

This workshop offers 3 credit hours.

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About the Speakers


Dean Anderson, MS

is the coordinator for Missouri’s Traumatic Brain Injury Program.  He is responsible for spearheading efforts to work collaboratively with numerous statewide organizations such as the Department of Corrections to embed TBI screening, training and resource management into their programs, while increasing access to resources for the 16,000+ individuals who sustain a TBI in Missouri annually.  Dean received his Master’s from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and serves on numerous Boards relating to tobacco cessation.

Melissa Burns, MSW, LCSW

is a licensed clinical social worker who has been working in Burrell’s Children’s Day Treatment program for 16 years.  Children’s Day Treatment is an intensive group treatment program offered to 3-5 year olds with behavioral, emotional and/or developmental difficulties.   The program occurs 4 mornings a week (Monday through Thursday) and includes a parent group component that involves parents for parent training and support.   A high percentage of the children referred to our program have been removed from daycare or preschool settings due to the intensity of their behavior.  Melissa also works with many of the Children’s Day Treatment clients and their families in outpatient therapy, using a variety of play based interventions to help children gain the skills needed to be successful at home and at school.

Amber Cone, Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate

is originally from Harrison, Arkansas and residents in Ozark, Missouri.  She graduated from John Brown University in 2012 with a BS in Organizational Management. I am involved in Kappa Psi, APhA-ASP, SSHP, and SCCP.  She is a pharmacy intern at Cox South, and also teaches a pharmacy technician certification class at Ozark Technical Community College. Upon graduation, Ms. Cone hopes to complete a PGY-1 residency at a hospital in the Springfield area.

Stefani Morris-Davis, MS

is the Service Coordinator for the Missouri Adult Brain Injury Clinic.  She is responsible for providing service coordination to a 12-county region in Southwest, Missouri. Her role involves assessing the participants’ strengths and deficits and making appropriate referrals based on need. She works with the participant, family members, neurologists, guardians, probation and parole officers and mental and physical health care providers to coordinate care and follow-up.  She regularly works as part of a treatment team with DMH, VR and other Social Service and provider agencies.  Stefani received her Master’s in 2009, and will complete her doctorate in General Psychology with an emphasis on Performance Psychology in 2018.

Chuck Treblicock, RPH

is the Director of Pharmacy for Burrell Behavioral Health.  He is a 2001 graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy and is certified in Medication Therapy Management.  He is a member of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Missouri Pharmacy Association, and the National Community Pharmacist Association.  Charles teaches pharmacology at Ozarks Technical Community College.  During his career Charles has held many different managerial roles in pharmacy including District Manager over 29 different pharmacies.

Dahley Mensah, MSW, LMSW, QMPH

works closely with the Medical Science & Research staff on identifying partnerships, training healthcare organizations in utilizing the Direct Connect Rapid Referral process and providing some much needed support with social service agencies throughout the Alzheimer’s Association 38+ counties surrounding St. Louis.

Rob Hulstra

is the Healthcare Outreach Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association and provides Direct Connect and TrialMatch® information to area physicians and families affected by Alzheimer’s. He also provides higher level Alzheimer’s education programs to communities, churches and businesses as well as outreach to African-American and Hispanic churches in the Alzheimer’s Association southwest region.different pharmacies.

Lisa Thompson, MS

is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing community based initiatives that meets the needs of families impacted by dementia over the Missouri Alzheimer’s Association’s 96 county region. She provides encouragement and assistance to Support Group Facilitators across the Chapter.

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