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Recommended Reading and Book Links:

  • The Verbal Behavior Approach

By: Mary Lynch Barbera, RN, MSN, BCBA

  • Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities

By: Mark L. Sundberg and James W. Partington

  • Do-Watch-Listen-Say

By Kathleen Ann Quill, Ed. D.

  • Functional Behavior Assessment for People with Autism

By: Beth A. Glasberg, Ph.D

  • Functional Assessment

By: Lynette K. Chandler and Carol M. Dahlquist

  • Verbal Behavior Analysis

By: R. Douglas Greer and Denise E. Ross

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

By: John O. Cooper, Timothy E. Heron, and William L. Heward

  • The Social Skills Picture Book & Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond

By Jed Baker, Ph.D.

  • Thinking in Pictures

By Temple Grandin

  • Just Take a Bite: Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges!

Lori Ernsperger, Ph.D. and Tania Stegen-Hanson. OTR/L

  • Brookes Publishing Co.:



  • The Analysis of Verbal Behavior


  • The Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention