Diagnostic Process

When your child is referred to the Burrell Autism Center, she/he will first complete our intake process and an appointment for a screening will be made. Our experienced team includes child psychologists, occupational therapists, a behavioral analyst and a speech language pathologist.

Depending on the outcome of the screening, several things may happen next. Your child may be: referred back to original referral source, or referred for further services within the Autism Center, or referred for other services.

If the team determines that further assessment is needed, a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluation will be conducted. The evaluation will include:

One or more evaluations from above the list may be used as needed

Next, our team will take the data from the Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluation and conduct a Diagnostic Staffing. That means:

  • The diagnostic team meets and discusses each of the individual evaluations in order to form a complete diagnostic picture of the child.
  • Recommendations for treatment are discussed by the team

You will be contacted and a Feedback Session will be scheduled so that you have an opportunity to hear the results of the comprehensive evaluation and to ask questions you may have.


Following a diagnostic evaluation, if the determination is made that your child needs further treatment, your child will be able to receive consultation through the Center. Depending on the needs of your child, consultation services include either one time consultations in community settings (e.g. school, home, day treatment programs, child care settings) or ongoing consultation to support a home or community treatment plan. Direct therapeutic services are provided as determined by the treating professional(s) and are individualized to the needs of your child. Treatment services include: