The Burrell Autism Center provides occupational therapy services that are designed to enhance a child???s participation and performance throughout daily activities and environments. Occupational therapy services are utilized within the Center to identify and treat specific neurological and developmental skills that affect functional performance in children ages birth through sixteen years.

The OT Clinic provides tools that aid families in understanding the strengths and barriers that their child faces in life.

Through a variety of therapeutic approaches, OT clinic staff partner with parents to support each child to engage in activities that provide growth and success in daily routines that have been identified as a priority for the child and family. Strategies to adjust tasks and modify environments to meet a child???s abilities are used as needed. We believe that every child is a treasure and we work with families to help identify and build on a child???s strengths and supports.

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Referrals and questions can be directed to (417) 761-5330. The fax number for referrals or doctor???s orders is (417) 761-5331.