The occupational therapy treatment plan and intervention techniques are based on the results of the evaluation and are individualized to foster active participation in home, school, social, and community environments.

Individual therapy is based on the unique needs of each child. Treatment often addresses the skills of sensory processing, body awareness, motor planning, self regulation, ability to follow routines and transition between activities and environments, establishing and maintaining attention to tasks, visual perceptual skills, and core motor strengthening.

Parents participate actively in OT sessions and are a vital part of the therapeutic process. OT clinic staff partner with parents to design treatment plans for their child. Parents are trained using therapeutic techniques that build on a child’s strengths and encourage growth and development of skills.

Strategies to adjust tasks and modify a specific environment to match a child’s needs and abilities are used as needed. Progress is noted through increased participation, performance, client satisfaction, role competence, prevention of further difficulties, and improved quality of life measures.