Once the Clinical intake process is complete the child receives an appointment for a screening. The screening team meets with the parent and child to determine the most appropriate and comprehensive course of evaluation. The screening team consists of the Psychologist, the Occupational Therapist, the Speech Language Pathologist and the Behavior Analyst. The screening is scheduled for 1 to 1.5 hours. At the end of the screening, this team makes the recommendation for further evaluation or referral to other services.

If further evaluation is needed, the team may refer for a Complete Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluation or for individual pieces of the Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluation. This recommendation is determined by the individual needs of the child.

If no further evaluation is needed at this time, the team will refer the child back to the original referral source and/or refer the child for further services through the Burrell Autism Center or for other services as needed.