Where do I apply for positions at Burrell?

Burrell posts all of their positions on this website in addition to CareerBuilder.com.

I would like to apply for a specific position but I do not see it posted on your website. How do I apply for it?

All available positions are posted on burrellcenter.com and careerbuilder.com. Check the postings daily, because they change frequently.

I saw an opening on your website and now I can’t locate it, is it still available?

If you cannot locate the posting on burrellcenter.com or careerbuilder.com, then the position is no longer available.

What are the qualifications for employment at Burrell Behavioral Health?

Each job posted includes the qualifications and responsibilities for that job. If you meet the minimum requirements, feel free to apply for that position. Only qualified candidates will be considered.

What is the rate of pay for the position I am applying for?

The compensation for the positions is only discussed during the interview process.

How can I be sure my application was received?

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a pop-up stating, “Thank you for your interest in Burrell Behavioral Health……”

What should I do if I completed an resume and have not received a response?

If you are being considered for a position, you will be contacted for an interview. Resumes and applications emailed or faxed have been received, reviewed, and passed along to the hiring supervisor if the minimum requirements have been met.

How long will it take to be hired?

The Human Resources Department processes a high volume of applications every day. Not everyone who applies will be contacted or receive a job offer. We strive to hire the best and most highly-qualified candidates for each of our openings.