There are lots of challenges to being a child in todays world which means there are a lot more challenges to being a caregiver. Our community support teams are here for you and your family to help teach the needed skills in order to navigate through these new challenges. We share your goal and the goal of our community which is to help your child grow into a happy, healthy, and successful adult.

If you are a caregiver of a child ages 2 to 18 who is experiencing any of the behaviors listed below, community support may be an option for you.

  • frequent tantrums lasting more than 10 minutes
  • physically and/or verbally aggressive with family
    members, friends, or animals
  • behavior complaints from school/daycare personnel
  • difficulty making or keeping friends
  • impulsive, risk taking, or self-harming behaviors
  • sad, withdrawn, crying
  • insomnia, nightmares, appetite changes
  • recent significant behavior or mood changes
  • does not respond to your requests no matter what
    you have tried
  • difficulty adjusting to change
  • uncontrollable behaviors in public
  • substance abuse related to depression, anxiety, low
  • no apparent remorse for their actions/behaviors
  • frequent trouble concentrating or paying attention

Services are conveniently provided in your home.

How Can My Family Become Involved in Youth Community Support Services?

Community Support Services begin with a simple screening interview with one of our professional staff members to determine if your child meets the criteria for this program and will benefit from community support services. Call us today at one of the convenient locations listed below to schedule a time most suitable for your schedule.

Will My Insurance Cover Community Support Services?

Child and Youth Community Support Services is a Medicaid-funded program. If your child is covered by Missouri Medicaid, they are eligible to participate. Typically, commercial insurance does not cover Community Support Services. Please contact your insurance provider before the interview to determine if these services may be covered by your policy/plan.

Child and Youth Community Support Services is available at these Burrell locations:

1443 N. Robberson, 10th Floor
Springfield, Missouri 65802
33 Gage Drive
Hollister, Missouri 65672
417.761.5950 / 417.334.7575
217 E. Walnut, Suite C
Bolivar MO 65613
417.761.5920 / 417.777.6717
1350 Spur Drive, Suites 220-230
Marshfield MO 65706
Child & Adolescent Clinic
3401 Berrywood Dr, Suite 203
Columbia, Missouri 65201
520 Ryan Street, Ste W
Boonville, Missouri 65233
305 N Mason
Carrollton, Missouri 64633
33 E Jackson
Marshall, Missouri 65340
210 N. Williams St.
Moberly, Missouri 65270
201 W. 3rd St.
Sedalia, Missouri 65301
112 N State Highway 5
Versailles, Missouri 65084
What other families are saying about Child and Youth Community Support Service

“I struggled with my ADHD-diagnosed child – we had problems in school and when we were together in public. Our community support specialist not only helped him in the classroom, but we have learned so much about how to redirect behavior! I’m no longer so exhausted after a trip to the store or going out to eat.”

“My son is doing so much better in school and even had advanced scores on the standardized achievement tests! It was not only thrilling for us, but his teachers were also very pleasantly surprised.”

“My daughter had no ‘real’ friends – sleepovers or birthday party invitations were non-existent. Sometimes it seemed the more she tried, the more she alienated children her age. It hurt to watch her struggle. I can’t tell you what a difference your services have made in our lives. Not only is she receiving invitations to social events, but I’m now having to limit her text messages from friends! Thank you!”

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