Burrell is a private, not for profit organization that provides a wide range of mental health services for individuals and families, business and industry, and educational programs for community and professional groups.

From its beginning in 1977, Burrell has been committed to helping people maximize their potential. Our philosophy is embodied in the two inscriptions near the entrance of the Main Center:

“In all things, there is opportunity for growth…” “Value what you are and what you can become.”

Our services are designed to be responsive to the specific needs of the individuals we serve. New services are developed as the needs of our community are recognized and defined. It is our mission to continue to provide, develop and refine services which have been demonstrated to work!

Burrell is proud and delighted to announce that we have been selected by the National Council for Community Behavioral Health to receive an Award of Excellence in Technology. The award recognizes an organization that uses new technologies, including mobile, web, social media and remote/virtual care delivery, to achieve operational efficiencies and improve access to care, treatment, support and health outcomes for persons with mental illnesses and addictions. Burrell will be presented this award at the National Conference in April, and we look forward to sharing more about the program nominated and how it has already been replicated in other areas!

CARF Accreditation

November 2013 – Burrell received our fifth consecutive Three-Year Accreditation, the highest accreditation awarded. Three-Year Accreditation is recognition that Burrell satisfies each of the CARF Accreditation conditions and demonstrates substantial conformance to the standards. Seeking accreditation demonstrates Burrell’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs of persons-served as well as our community.

2011 Award of Excellence

Burrell Behavioral Health was honored with the 2011 Award of Excellence in Behavioral Healthcare Management.This is the fourth National Excellence Award received by Burrell Behavioral Health; the only mental health center to be recognized with four National Excellence Awards.Click here to read more about these awards as well as other awards and recognitions.

Key Administrative Staff

Acting President and CEO

Dr. Paul Thomlinson

Director Corporate Services

Denise Mills

Acting Vice President
Behavioral Health Services

Allyson Ashley

Vice President
Finance and Administration

Jennifer Gagnon

Vice President
Research and Quality Assurance

Dr. Paul Thomlinson

Vice President
HIM and Support Services

Brenda Fuller

Vice President
Developmental Services

Becky Millard

Vice President
Addiction Services

Sally Gibson

Vice President Central Region

Megan Steen

Todd Schaible Memorial Fund

In honor of our great leader and founding President CEO, a memorial fund has been established.

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