Inpatient psychiatric care refers to mental health treatment that requires hospitalization. In the past, people would remain in institutions for months or years, with little in the way of actual therapy or medical treatment. Today, inpatient treatment is generally reserved for emergency situations including suicide attempts or self-injuries that are severe and dangerous. Most forms of mental illness can be treated outside the hospital using psychotherapy, medications and/or shorter day treatment programs.

Typically, inpatient care may be required for children or adolescents experiencing acute symptoms of mental illnesses, such as severe psychosis or mania or an inability to care for themselves. Inpatient care is also necessary when youth pose a threat to themselves or others, such as suicidal ideation or homicidal ideation.

During inpatient psychiatric care, a team of medical practitioners, which includes mental health professionals and physicians, administer emergency care and implement a treatment plan suitable for a child’s emotional disorder or mental illness.

Inpatient psychiatric services are available at CoxHealth and located at the Cox North Hospital Campus. For additional information, please click the following link:

CoxHealth Behavioral Inpatient Care