For many people, public speaking causes anxiety, stress, and on some occasions, feelings of near terror. These initial reactions are often overcome with practice and repeated exposure.

For some children, those same feelings of anxiety, stress and sometimes even fear are encountered almost daily. They struggle with saying or doing the right thing to fit in, to make a good impression or to manage teasing in a way that doesn’t make things worse. For once, they would simply like to be part of their peer group without feeling out of place. Sadly, sometimes it seems the more they try, the more separated and isolated they become.

KLASS helps youth with these challenges develop their own knack for relating to others in a social setting skills that will allow them to successfully interact with their peers, teachers and other adults. As a result, your child can become more successful at home, at school and in the community.

If your child (ages 6 to 19) is actively involved in Burrell’s Community Support Program and struggles with relating positively with peers, teachers, or perhaps even in his/her own home, you should consider attending a brief parent orientation to learn more about the benefits of KLASS.

KLASS groups are divided by age groups and meet once per week for 90 minutes.

KLASS Services are available at these Burrell location(s):

1300 Bradford Parkway
Springfield MO 65804