For more than 30 years, Burrell has served individuals across southwest Missouri and in 2007 began serving communities in central Missouri as well. The past has brought many seasons of change, but the thing that remains the same is our commitment to excellence. Burrell’s values – family, compassion, commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility and character – drive the work that we do every day at all of our facilities. Our staff members embody these values and they serve as the foundation of the programs and services we provide.

Through an extensive continuum of care, we strive to enable children, adolescents, and adults to live, work, learn and participate fully in their communities with extensive services including: outpatient treatment, residential care, supportive housing, biofeedback, day treatment, an autism center, PCIT, group therapy, and a continually evolving range of evidence-based treatment modalities.

Through decades of change, our mission is still clear. To meet mental health needs where and when they occur and before they become more serious. To provide as much care as is needed, and no more than is needed.

Unwavering commitment to our clients, disciplined stewardship of our resources, and the leadership provided by some of the most competent and experienced health care professionals in the country are all reasons to choose Burrell to continue your professional growth. If you are seeking a professional working environment that is supportive, if you are ready to join an organization in which your success is the success of the organization, if you thrive on meeting challenges – Burrell may be the answer for you. Burrell has 27 locations across 17 counties in Missouri.


To meet mental health needs where and when they occur and before they become more serious.


Whether you are asked to lead or to follow, always demand of yourself these three things – together, they will give you great value – yet, alone, each of these things will, in time, likely diminish you.

Do what is necessary to determine, for yourself, what is right — not necessarily what is popular;
Pay the personal price to do the right thing or the personal price to cause it to be done; and
Be vigilant, every single day, for the possibility that you are wrong.

And, should you place your faith in another to know what is right, then also be willing to pay the personal price to pursue that which they tell you is right – all the while being vigilant for the possibility that you have erred in the placement of your faith. In the end, always accept – right or wrong – it is YOU who is right or wrong. Value those who tell you the truth as they know it; especially when their “truth” may be different than your own.

Our Corporate strength will grow or diminish in proportion to and in tandem with the sense of well-being, security and worth of those who work here. The individual is very powerful; diminish the individual and you will diminish the organization — the whole is greater than the sum of its parts or it is not – make sure it is! Individual success should not be achieved at the expense of others nor of organizational well-being. When you see needs (of staff, patients, or the organization) assume personal responsibility to see that those needs are met. Always treat patients as you would want your grandmother, father, mother, daughter, etc. treated. Strive to be better than you are (personally and organizationally).

Make Burrell Behavioral Health an organization in which virtue pays.

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