Shawna M. Baron, PsyD earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute in 2012. She completed formal training in forensic psychology during her predoctoral and postdoctoral residency programs in Florida, where she became certified as a forensic examiner and has testified as an expert witness.  Dr. Baron has considerable experience conducting criminal forensic assessments (i.e., competency to stand trial or be resentenced) as well as in the assessment of risk and treatment of sexual offenders. At Burrell’s Evaluation and Outpatient Clinic, Dr. Baron conducts a variety of psychological evaluations for all ages as well as pre-employment and fitness for duty evaluations for various law enforcement agencies. She maintains licensure as a psychologist in Missouri and Florida.

Christina Pietz, PhD,  earned her Bachelor’s degree from Creighton University, Master’s degree from Sam Houston State University, and Doctoral degree from Texas A&M University.  She completed her internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School.  Following, she accepted employment as a Forensic Psychologist at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, and she worked for the federal government for almost twenty-five years.  In January 2015, she retired from the United States Medical Center, and she now works in private practice.  She is board certified in forensic psychology.

For the past twenty-six years, Dr. Pietz has worked as a forensic psychologist.  She has testified and/or consulted in almost all 50 states.  She has qualified as an expert witness in federal court, state court, military court, and juvenile court.  In this capacity, she has conducted competency, insanity, death penalty, IME, child custody, fitness for duty, disability, and parenting capacity evaluations.  Some notable cases include Jared Loughner (attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords), Auburn Calloway (federal express pilot that assaulted flight crew members in an attempt to hijack the plane), and William Merriweather (case is ongoing; charged with three counts of murder while robbing a bank).

Dr. Pietz was the Director of Forensic Training at The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute.  She is an adjunct faculty member at Drury University.  She was Director of Clinical Training for the United States Medical Center’s APA approved internship for ten years.  She was instrumental in developing that program into a nationally recognized internship.

She is the past President of the American Board of Forensic Psychology, and continues to serve on that board.  She is a faculty member for the American Academy of Forensic Psychology.  She was a member of the Board of Trustees (BOT) for the American Board of Professional Psychology.  Recently, she was elected as recording secretary for the BOT.  She is also the BOT’s representative to the ethics committee for the American Psychological Association.

She has authored several papers and recently published a book entitled Violent Offenders: Understanding and Assessment.  She is an adhoc reviewer for the Criminal Justice and Behavior Journal, and has reviewed book proposals for Oxford Press.

Throughout her career, Dr. Pietz has conducted several workshops on testifying in court, DSM-5, and other forensic topics.  She presents to the local law enforcement community, i.e., sheriff’s department, police department, and local county jail on topics such as recognizing mental illness, substance abuse issues, and prevention of suicide in law enforcement.

Dr. Pietz has conducted examinations of individuals alleging to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder.  She has provided opinions and reports regarding this issue in the civil litigation context and in the criminal context.

Fred Ulam, PhD, has been engaged in the practice of clinical neuropsychology for the past 30 years. This practice has included work in inpatient hospital and rehabilitation settings, and in outpatient clinics. A portion of his practice, throughout his career, has involved medical-legal consultations, in personal injury and competence cases. Dr. Ulam is also involved in the broader field of applied neuroscience, with research endeavors emphasizing the development of noninvasive methods for treating brain dysfunction.