Burrell’s Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) project is funded by the US Department of Education to assist public schools in better educating parents on their rights through Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This project, which in conjunction with a sister program in St. Louis has a statewide footprint, has also provided thousands of books for parents and children for use in fostering early childhood literacy and strong social and emotional skill development.

PIRC works with local school districts in planning parental involvement activities, particularly focusing on early childhood centers. As part of this effort, they conduct a survey of kindergarten readiness and social-emotional development in selected Head Start and Kindergarten classrooms across the region. In addition, the program provides consultation and training to preschool teachers on social-emotional development in early childhood and its relationship to school readiness and achievement, consulting with providers on strategies to strengthen child resiliency. PIRC staff are able to provide guest lectures on topics such as literacy, family involvement and social-emotional development.

For more information on this program, please contact Sandra DAngelo at 417.761.5072.