Burrell has two residential treatment programs for children and adolescents. Both provide much more than conventional treatment – they immerse young people in ground-breaking activity based therapies offered in a natural home and school setting.

By coordinating unique therapeutic programs and the normalcy of a home and school environment, we are able to help young people develop trust, build self-esteem and become receptive to the intensive psychiatric treatment they receive.

Our residential programs work! For many of our clients, Residential Treatment is their last resort, yet after discharge, most of our young patients are back at home, and are in school or gainfully employed.

We accept most insurance and some treatment services in the residential facility are covered by Missouri Medicaid.

Burrell’s Bramblewood Facility serves children 8 to 13 years old and our Milano Facility services youth 13 to 18 years of age. These are youth who have serious emotional and psychological illnesses, such as mood disorders, or illnesses resulting from trauma, physical abuse or sexual abuse. They generally require a more extended period of treatment than can be accommodated at local hospitals. The average length of stay is generally three to nine months.

While the facilities strive to maintain a home-like atmosphere, as in a hospital setting, youth are under constant supervision. Staff include social workers, mental health specialists, recreational therapists and nurses, psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, residential specialists, facility managers and case managers.

For more information on Burrell’s Children’s and Adolescent Residential Treatment Programming, please contact:

Todd Williams
Residential Admissions