Area health care professionals are often called upon to provide crisis services in the event of a local disaster. This is an excellent resource for those affected by the disaster as well to be used as a self help resource.

Moving Forward After Disaster: A Step By Step Guide To Overcoming Postdisaster Distress
CBT For Postdisaster Distress
Alcohol, Medication and Drug Use After Disaster
Connecting With Others
Tips For Adults
Parent Tips Adolescents
Parent Tips Preschool Age Children
Parent Tips Infants And Toddlers
When Terrible Things Happen What You May Experience
Disaster Preparedness Tips For Emergency Management Personnel: Communication Access for People with Limited Speech
Disaster Training and Technical Assistance Brochure SAMHSA
Taking Care of Your Emotional Health after a Disaster
The Flood Is Over. What Do You Do Now?
Psychological First Aid for First Responders: Tips for Emergency and Disaster Response Workers

Assessing and responding to mental health needs after a disaster

State/Tribal/Adolescents at Risk Suicide Prevention Grantee Technical Assistance Meeting. December 12–14, 2006, North Bethesda, MD. Discusses: definition of and types of disasters; psychological impact; and results from field investigations.
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Research on the mental health consequences of disaster (Presentation)

State/Tribal/Adolescents at Risk Suicide Prevention Grantee Technical Assistance Meeting. December 12–14, 2006, North Bethesda, MD. Considers the following aspects of the research on the mental health consequences of disaster: the reasons to study the effects of disasters and mass trauma; what has been studied; what has been learned; and implications for intervention.
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Podcasts at CDC: Suicide [click on the link below, then search for “suicide” under Topic.]

This collection includes the following podcasts: Toxicology testing and results for suicide victims (in English and Spanish); Preventing suicide in young people (in English and Spanish); Coping with depression and thoughts of suicide after a disaster; Keeping schools safe from violence; and Traumatic events and suicide. To see the collection, choose Suicide in By topic browsing box.
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A guide to managing stress in crisis response professions

This pocket guide focuses on general principles of stress management and offers strategies that can be incorporated into the daily routine of crisis response managers and workers. Includes sections on: understanding the stress cycle; managing stress before, during, and after an event; promoting a positive workplace environment; self-care for crisis response professionals; and references and recommended reading.
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Mental Health Intervention in the Event of a Disaster


Disaster Preparedness & Recovery


Pan American Health Organization

Publications Catalog/Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance/Mental Health

  • Practical guidelines for mental health in disaster situations (Spanish only)
  • Stress Management in Disasters
  • Mental Health Services in Disasters Instructor´s Guide
  • Mental Health Care in Disaster Situations (Slides)
  • Mental Health Services in Disasters Manual for Humanitarian Workers