A community dashboard is a very powerful tool that helps community leaders inform their community – just as a dashboard on a car shows, in a split second, the current status of some very important measurements – speed, oil level, etc; a community dashboard will show the current status of important community measurements – poverty, obesity, etc.
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How it works:

The new SWMO Counts! community dashboard, using a model developed by the Healthy Communities Institute and implemented in over 30 states, will provide free online access to a reliable clearinghouse for local data in seven counties and cover nearly 90 topics:

  • health
  • economy
  • education
  • environment
  • government politics
  • public safety
  • social environment
  • transportation

Why is it important?

This tracking system is an essential tool for giving citizens, businesses, government agencies, not-for-profits and policymakers concise information as to where to we stand on essential indicators.

The dashboard allows us to make evidenced based decisions, where we can develop and collaborate around local initiatives that will help “move the dial” as we address community challenges. It keeps the challenge in the forefront and visually registers the effectiveness of our efforts.

Who is leading this effort?

The Healthy Living Alliance and Ozarks Regional YMCA, in partnership with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department and 13 other organizations around the region are coordinating the development of the dashboard.

  • Burrell Behavioral Health
  • Christian County Health Department
  • City of Springfield
  • Community Foundation of the Ozarks
  • Community Partnership
  • Greene County
  • Ozarks Wellness Network
  • Polk County Health Center
  • Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Stone County Health Department
  • Taney County Health Department
  • United Way of the Ozarks
  • Webster County Health Unit

Initial funding for the Dashboard has come from the Ozarks Regional YMCA through their Community Transformation Grant. View the official press release here.