Burrell’s Crisis Stabilization Facility features a unique programming focused on assisting mentally ill adults to avoid hospitalization, or can serve as a “step-down” unit from hospitalization. The program’s services are offered in a setting that is more secure than the person’s home, but also less restrictive than a hospital setting. The availability of the crisis unit most often eliminates any need for admission to an inpatient psychiatric unit for mentally ill individuals whose diagnosis has resulted in acute symptoms that require immediate supervised crisis intervention.

Any adult who is experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness that requires immediate 24-hour supervised crisis intervention is appropriate for the Crisis Stabilization Unit. Referrals may be made to the unit by Burrell’s Crisis Access Team, an inpatient psychiatric unit, a Burrell professional staff member or a managed care case worker. Referrals are screened for appropriateness of this level of service prior to admission. In the event more or less restrictive services are deemed most appropriate, a referral will be made.

Each individual is assessed upon admission and a variety of treatment recommendations may be made. Typical programming on the unit includes psychiatric assessment, medical health assessment, psychological testing asnecessary, level of functioning assessment, medication management, individual, family or group therapy, and arrangements for other rehabilitative or support services (i.e. transportation, legal, health, etc.) as necessary. Care is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by professional and licensed staff.

Many insurance plans cover Crisis Stabilization Services. Limited state assistance is available.

For more information regarding Burrell’s Crisis Stabilization Facility, please contact:

Crisis Stabilization
930 S. Robberson
Springfield MO 65807