Helping adults and children lead healthier lives can greatly reduce the negative impacts of living with long-term mental illness, substance abuse and medical conditions. As a Healthcare Home we provide coordination of comprehensive primary physical care to Medicaid patients with behavioral health and/or chronic physical health conditions in a way that recognizes all of their needs as persons, not just clients. This is done using a partnership or team approach between the Healthcare Home staff, clients, families and Primary Care Providers.

For those who may benefit from the services of our Healthcare Home program, a Nurse Care Manager is assigned to your case based upon your medical needs. The Nurse Care Manager will have contact with you as much as necessary to help you maintain your physical health and wellness.

Your Nurse Care Manager is available to:

  • Help you identify and achieve your healthcare and wellness goals
  • Assure you are receiving the preventive and primary care you need to help manage your chronic physical health conditions
  • Provide or arrange for appropriate health and wellness education related to your general medical and chronic physical health conditions
  • Assist in helping you access a family doctor or other medical providers and coordinate care
  • Assist with your transition home after a hospitalization by reviewing your medications with you and helping you understand your discharge instructions

Nurse Care Managers who focus on the medical needs of behavioral health clients has proven very successful in addressing general health issues, as well as in improving outcomes and quality of care.

For more information on the Healthcare Home program, please contact:

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