Medication can be an effective part of the treatment for several psychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence. A doctors recommendation to use medication often raises many concerns and questions in both the parents and the child. Any Burrell psychiatrist who is recommending medication is experienced in treating psychiatric illnesses in children and adolescents. He or she will fully explain the reasons for medication use, what benefits the medication should provide, as well as possible risks and side effects and other treatment alternatives.
Psychiatric medication should not be used alone. The use of medication is based on a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and is part of a comprehensive treatment plan designed to meet your child’s unique needs, with ongoing medical assessment and, in most cases, individual and/or family psychotherapy.

Before recommending any medication, the psychiatrist will interview your child and make a thorough diagnostic evaluation. In some cases, the evaluation may include a physical exam, psychological testing, laboratory tests, other medical tests and/or consultation with other medical specialists.

Medications which have beneficial effects may also have side effects, ranging from slightly bothersome to very serious. As each child is different and may have individual reactions to medication, close contact with your Burrell psychiatrist is recommended. Do not stop or change a medication without speaking to the doctor.

When prescribed appropriately by a psychiatrist, and taken as prescribed, medication may reduce or eliminate troubling symptoms and improve the daily functioning of children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders.

We accept most insurance as well as Missouri Medicaid.

Medication Management Services for Children are available at these Burrell locations:

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