Burrell is committed to providing expert, timely and ethically-sound clinical and forensic services throughout the State of Missouri and other areas of the United States.


Our forensic professionals provide a range of clinical and forensic mental health evaluations and other services.  All practitioners are actively engaged in ongoing education and training and maintain membership in their relevant professional organizations.  Our practitioners hold advanced degrees and pertinent qualifications to conduct referrals within his/her identified specialty areas.  We are dedicated to providing high quality mental health evaluations and services, with specialties in evaluation of:

  • Diagnostic and dispositional evaluations
  • Sentencing/dispositional issues
  • Criminal non-responsibility (not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect/NGI)
  • Conditional release (NGI commitment)
  • Miranda comprehension and waiver
  • Waiver to adult court/ “reverse-waiver”
  • Violence risk assessment
  • Sex offender risk assessment
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Disability determination (Social Security Administration)
  • Civil competency (Guardianship)

A forensic psychological evaluation can be critical in the resolution of a legal matter.  We understand the significance and the imperative of providing timely, objective, comprehensive evaluations consistent with applicable legal and professional standards.  Effective communication of evaluation findings – in written reports and oral testimony – is a key component of the forensic evaluation process.  Our staff are able to communicate evaluation findings in a concise, clear manner and fashion reports aimed to stand up to the rigors of legal scrutiny.

Current Staff

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Referring and Scheduling

Referrals to our forensic group are made from a variety of sources, including a government entity, agency, or private company.  Burrell can receive referrals to the agency for assignment as well as to individual clinicians.  Burrell professionals routine accept referrals from state Circuit Courts, Corporation Counsel, Social Security Administration, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, defense attorneys, the Office of the District Attorney, an employer or other agency.

To make a referral to Burrell or one of our highly qualified practitioners, please call (417) 761.5850.  When calling, please be prepared to discuss the nature of the evaluation needed. Staff will then provide you with an estimate of the length of time to complete services. Once proof of funding is received, an appointment can be scheduled with our main office for services to be performed.


Billing is handled on a case-by-case basis.  Typically, the referral source versus the examinee is responsible for the costs of services rendered.  An estimate of the cost of an evaluation can be obtained at the time of referral.  Due to the nature of forensic examinations, we are unable to submit to insurance.

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