Burrell Behavioral Health has partnered with Vocational Rehabilitation to provide supported employment and training services to our clients.  Known as Individual Placement and Supports (IPS), this is an evidence-based practice to help people with a serious mental illness work toward recovery by going back into the work force within their community.  There are eight principles of the IPS Program that ensure success for the individual participating in this type of supported employment:

1.      Focus on Competitive Employment

2.      Eligibility Based on Consumer Choice

3.      Team Approach when Providing Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services

4.      Focus on Individual Work Preferences

5.      Personalized Benefits Counseling

6.      Rapid Job Search

7.      Systematic Job Development

8.      Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support

On average, more than 60% of individuals who have a serious mental illnesses indicate they want to work.  The resulting increased self-esteem, desired routines, feeling connected with the community, learning new skills, and increasing income are just a few reasons consumer surveys have reflected the need for services such as IPS.

Referrals to the IPS program are made exclusively by our Adult Services teams.  If you or a loved one is currently involved in our community support services programming, and are interested in learning more about IPS programming, please contact the office noted below.   Funding is supported by Vocational Rehabilitation, which results in absolutely no costs to our clients.

Transitions Facility
323 E. Grand
Springfield MO  65807
Stephen’s Lake Facility
1805 E. Walnut
Columbia MO  65201