In addition to the case management services provided to those diagnosed with a long-term mental illness, our Transitions and Stephens Lake facilities also offer medication services, individual counseling and supportive peer treatment groups that allow participants to discuss the many facets of mental illness and work together toward developing coping skills for special problems.

Burrell has established an ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) team at our Transitions facility as well as at our Stephens Lake facility. These teams are tasked with providing specialized services to engage individuals who avoid or do not respond well to traditional treatment. These outstanding groups of providers develop a comprehensive treatment program that includes medication management, nursing, employment, alcohol and drug treatment, intensive case management and peer support.

Burrell has also established an integrated dual diagnosis treatment program at our Transitions facility as well as at our Stephens Lake facility. This is a stage-wise treatment approach designed to match an individual’s readiness for change and incorporates mental health and substance abuse disorders treatment in the same setting. The program offers individual counseling, group education, support and treatment.

For more information about any of these additional supportive services available to those coping with a chronic mental illness, please contact:

323 E. Grand
Springfield, Missouri 65807
Mon Fri, 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Stephens Lake
1805 E. Walnut Street
Columbia, Missouri 65201
Mon Fri, 8:00 AM 5:00 PM