In December 2016, Dr. Todd Schaible, President and CEO of Burrell Behavioral Health, passed away following a tragic accident. Appointed as CEO in 1977 at Burrell’s inception, Dr. Schaible was the organization’s leader for nearly 40 years. His tireless dedication to improving the lives of those with mental illness, substance use disorders and developmental disabilities won the support of his board, the staff, the community, as well as both state and federal governmental agencies and representatives. Through much vision, perseverance, and dogged determination, through nearly 40 years of extraordinarily long hours and untold battles both public and private, Dr. Todd Schaible led a team of professionals who have succeeded in giving our community one of Missouri’s largest and most comprehensive community mental health centers – an organization that has been recognized with many national awards for their programs and services. To those who knew him, this is not surprising from a man who believes the maxim, “In all things there is opportunity for growth” so much that he had it inscribed in granite on the front of Burrell’s main administrative and clinical facility.

Our community lost a great leader, but the dedicated staff who have served under him for many decades will continue to ensure his legacy remains, and that Burrell will continue to flourish in his honor as well as it has under his expert guidance and leadership.

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