Benchmarks at Burrell: Signs and Symptoms of Early Psychosis

8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Friday, May 24, 2019; South Creek Auditorium, 2885 W. Battlefield Rd., Springfield

This presentation will provide mental health professionals with an understanding of psychological conditions affecting at-risk and ultra-high-risk youth, and an overview of Burrell's SOC-CESS grant.

Professionals attending this training will:

  • Establish a common language and basic psycho-education related to youth at risk of mental state, ultra high risk, prodromal and psychosis;
  • Be able to describe how we are enhancing surveillance, monitoring, early identification and treatment of youth at risk for psychosis or ultra-high-risk in order to promote better life outcomes for youth 9-17 and their families;
  • Be able to explain the rationale behind the SOC-CESS grant and goals;
  • Discuss screening and assessment;
  • Learn evidence-based and evidence-informed practices.

Learn more about this training below; click here to register.

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