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Burrell Behavioral Health recognizes National Recovery Month

Recovery Services staff at Burrell Behavioral Health say this is an important time to combat negative stigma surrounding addiction and celebrate those taking steps in recovery.


September is National Recovery Month, an opportunity to honor the nation’s strong and proud recovery community.

“National Recovery Month gives us opportunities to open a dialogue,” said Stephanie Zucchini, a Clinic Provider at Burrell Behavioral Health’s Murney Clinic in Springfield. “People in recovery are contributors to society, their communities and their loved ones. Some of the best people I know are in recovery.”

Zucchini is both in long-term recovery and also a professional provider in the recovery field and she plans to participate in a number of events that celebrate people addressing substance use disorder issues. It’s a way, she said, to help combat negative stigma surrounding addiction. At a time when Americans rank misuse of opioids and fentanyl as the country’s top public health threat, widespread support is needed for those taking steps to recover, Zucchini said.

For Daniel McDowell, Assistant Director of Recovery Services in Burrell Behavioral Health’s Southwest Region, the monthlong tribute both serves as an opportunity to honor those who are on their recovery journey and as a reminder that no journey follows the exact same path.

“It reminds me that there is no set timeframe or set path for recovery,” McDowell said.

Members of Burrell’s Recovery Services team have been out in their respective communities recently to highlight the work being done to help those in need. Expect to see the Recovery Services team at events tied to National Recovery Month. But they won’t stop advocating for the community when September ends.

“Recovery is every day for our clients,” McDowell said.

If you or someone you know could benefit from treatment for substance use disorder, we are here to help. Visit our Recovery Services website to learn the treatments we offer to someone in need of care.


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