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We are a growing Community Mental Health Center that connects with more than 40,000 clients across 25 counties in Missouri and Arkansas. Our provider base of 400 clinicians offer a full continuum of care through our integrated network. We create individualized care plans and our staff collaborates with families, schools, healthcare systems and other networks to provide the appropriate care for each situation.


Our Mission

To form meaningful connections and inspire hope in our community through individualized and accessible care, quality practices, and collaborative partnerships.

Our Values

The following concepts are the pillars of Burrell's commitment to our mission and to our communities.


"We believe that the conversation about behavioral health is paramount. There are few conversations facing our communities more critical than behavioral health. As the conversation evolves, Burrell is committed to being a leader in this post-stigma world."

—C.J. Davis, President & CEO, Burrell Behavioral Health


We believe Burrell’s employees are the best anywhere. Our expert staff provide quality care to our clients through a multi-disciplinary approach. Burrell's staff work hard each and every day to improve the lives of clients, create better access to care, connect with our community partners and help create a world free from stigma.


CARF Accreditation

Burrell is proud to be accredited through CARF International. CARF accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services.

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Client Experience

Burrell is committed to quality care. We believe every individual who receives services has a voice and a story worth hearing. That's why our Quality Department developed the Client Experience team to support and advocate for clients through their journey to recovery, while using their feedback to create a stronger foundation for the care we provide.

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We believe access isn't a place, it is a concept.

Access For All

Burrell is proud to be one of the behavioral health centers piloting a new funding model for Medicaid known as CCBHC - Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic. This new funding approach has been instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission and expand our programs and services.

Providing Faster Access

We are on a mission to bring full clinic capabilities to each of the communities we serve. Through the use of telehealth technology we are succeeding at bringing prescribers to rural communities, eliminating the expensive and time intensive barrier of seeing the prescriber miles and miles from home.

Community Engagement

We work in partnership with the communities we serve to address behavioral health needs beyond the walls of our buildings. Whether it is through hosting educational events, integration with area health systems or providing service access within area schools - Burrell believes connection is key to getting our friends and neighbors the help they need.

Trauma & PTSD

Mental wellness for Black Americans must be a priority

African American individuals face trauma stressors that have an impact on their mental health while also experiencing disparities within the healthcare system.


Anxiety & Depression

Starting self-care: Creating a wellness plan that works for you

Starting a self-care and wellness plan can be intimidating, but no one has to do it alone.


Anxiety & Depression

How to know when to ask for help with our mental health

We all deserve to take care of ourselves.


Trauma & PTSD

Navigating conversations about trauma

Opening up the dialogue may be daunting, but the potential benefits can be life-changing


Eating Disorder

Art of Being ME presents Stephanie's Story

Stephanie was an adult when she sought treatment for her eating disorder. She now leads Burrell's RecoverED program to help others find their own recovery.


Eating Disorder

Art of Being ME presents Kate's Story

Kate Heard wasn't yet a teenager when she realized she was struggling with an eating disorder. She shares how treatment saved her life and her advice for others.


Anxiety & Depression

The four phrases our children need to hear every day

Being mindful of the way we are thinking and talking about our kids has an impact on our own well-being and the well-being of our families.



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24-Hour Crisis Line

Call our toll-free, 24-hour telephone line for help with your immediate crisis situation.

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Northwest Arkansas: 1-888-518-0108