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Your medication and more, all through Burrell.

Refill a Prescription at any of our three locations.

Springfield - Main Campus
Springfield - Transitions
Columbia - Berrywood

Burrell Pharmacy is committed to ensuring that the products we sell are of high quality. As a full-service pharmacy, our staff are equally committed to ensuring that all of your medication needs are met with fast, friendly service.

Burrell Pharmacy can provide all of your medication needs, accepting most forms of insurance. We have a variety of over-the-counter medications and carry Ortho Molecular physician-recommended vitamins.

You will have support from experienced pharmacists with extensive knowledge about psychiatric medications as well as potential drug interactions. If you have questions or concerns regarding your medications, our pharmacists are pleased to provide consultation.


Burrell Pharmacy proudly offers


We meet or beat any of our area competitors, including large chain pharmacies!

Superior service

In addition to being a provider for most area health plan networks, our pharmacy offers years of experience in Medicaid and Medicare D prescription services and benefits.

Medication adherence, synchronization and management

We will call you before your medications are due to review your medications. All your refills will be ready on the same day for pick-up/delivery. No more multiple trips to the pharmacy each month. If you have problems remembering to take your medications or just want all your medications synchronized so they are all refilled on the same day, this service is for you!

Free Delivery

We will deliver your medications for free if you have a Springfield or Columbia address.

Compliance Packaging

We have a variety of packaging options for your prescriptions. Bottles, bubble cards, multi-medication packs are all available to make it easy for you to remember to take your medication.

Online and smartphone app prescription access

Order your refills online at our website. You can refill your prescriptions, pay your bill, print health records, review your prescription records all on our convenient website or app. Follow the link below or download the Rx2Go app to manage all your prescriptions on your smartphone.

“I was amazed at how quickly you were able to get my prescription filled. I absolutely hate waiting in line with people coughing and obviously very sick – the last thing I need right now is to come down with flu or something worse. My physician called you from his office, and by the time I was able to walk down the hall, you had it ready for me. No line, and no sick patients waiting in the lobby. Thanks for this wonderful service!”

Two women smile as they look at over-the-counter products at Burrell Pharmacy.

Did you know you can refill your prescriptions online? Start by visiting the link below.


For the sake of convenience, I had all my prescriptions transferred to your pharmacy. This made it easy to remember who to call when I needed a refill. That simple decision probably saved my life. I had completely forgotten to tell my physician about one medication I was taking (it is often hard to remember all of them). When he added a new medication, you immediately called him to advise of the potentially negative interaction. He had no idea I was taking the other medication. Had you not really truly cared about your clients, I could have been very sick. How do you thank someone for that?”

An elderly woman smiles at her pharmacist.
24-Hour Crisis Line

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health or substance-use crisis, please call our toll-free 24-hour telephone line. Our team can help provide immediate assistance.

Southwest Missouri: 1-800-494-7355

Central Missouri: 1-800-395-2132

National Help Line: Call or Text 988