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Burrell’s Art of Being ME exhibit traveled to the Missouri Capitol

Art of Being ME

Officials from a variety of behavioral health organizations gathered in the rotunda of the Missouri state Capitol on Thursday to view photos and stories from nearly 30 people, all Missourians, living with mental health conditions.

The traveling exhibit, called the Art of Being ME, was invited to stop at the Capitol after Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe and his wife, Claudia, viewed it in Springfield last year.

Speaking from the House Alcove Thursday morning C.J. Davis, CEO of Brightli, Inc., the parent company of Burrell Behavioral Health, thanked the lieutenant governor and guests from the Missouri legislature, the Missouri Commission for Mental Health, the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and more.

Davis explained how the Burrell Foundation, in collaboration with artist Randy Bacon, created an exhibit that features a diverse array of individuals who give a candid account of mental health and substance use challenges they have faced.

Joining Davis, Lt. Gov. Kehoe talked about the impact of the art being displayed has made. He remarked that many people had reached out to him this week in appreciation of having the exhibit in the Capitol. He noted how comments like that are how we crush the stigma around mental health; that it’s okay to talk about mental health.

Burrell Foundation’s Art of Being ME mental health exhibit went on display March 6 and was open to the public through the March 10.


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