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Medication Assisted Treatment, Including Medication First for Opioids

What is Medication Treatment and how does it work?

Medication treatment is a term used to describe the use of medication, along with other support, to treat substance use disorders. Although the term and method are not new, medication treatment has recently gained renewed attention as a key to combating opioid use disorder (Medication First), which is a chronic health condition that can be life-threatening but also treatable. The medications approved for treatment of opioid use disorder help prevent overdose by blocking the opioid receptor sites. It is important to remember that medication treatment is broader than just the use of medication. To be fully effective, medication treatment incorporates a multi-pronged approach that can include counseling, vocational training, psychosocial therapy, family support, and building connections to community resources.

What does recovery look like?

We know there is no one pathway to recovery. The duration of treatment that is necessary depends on the unique needs of the individual. A successful individualized treatment plan is built on a therapeutic alliance with treatment providers, and social and emotional support. Because opioid use disorder is a chronic illness, we treat it much like we would any other chronic condition. We provide clients with non-judgmental and empathetic support in the face of setbacks, which is essential for long-term recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment is Effective

Evidence clearly shows Medication Treatment improves social functioning and significantly decreases the risks of death by overdose and of contracting an infectious disease - Sally Gibson V.P., Addiction Services

Get Started

Call our Medication First appointment line, 417-893-7766 to make an appointment and to learn where services are available.

Medication First treatment and substance-use therapy are now avialable in our Central region, based in Columbia. Please call 573-777-8433 to inquired about treatment. You do not need to visit our Walk-in clinic before scheduling an appointment.

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