eventsBurrell Pharmacy is committed to ensuring that the products we sell are of high quality. As a full service pharmacy, our staff are equally committed to ensuring that all of your medication needs are met with fast, friendly service.

You will have support from experienced pharmacists who have extensive knowledge about psychiatric medications as well as potential drug interactions. If you have questions or concerns regarding your medications, our pharmacists are pleased to provide consultation.

Burrell Pharmacy offers:

  • Free Mail and Delivery Services—delivery services provided to those living inside Springfield city limits
  • Discounts that will meet or beat any of our area competitors, including large chain store pharmacies!
  • Superior Service! In addition to being a provider for most area health plan networks, our pharmacy offers years of experience in Medicaid and Medicare D prescription services and benefits.
  • On line and mobile phone app refill options.  Simply click on the Refill Requests link below and download the app!
  • Medication Adherence—If you have problems remembering to take your medications or just want all your medications synchronized so they are all refilled on the same day, this service is for you!
  • Medication Therapy Management Services—Medicare Part D initiated consultations on your medications


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Burrell Pharmacy Refill Requests: Click Here