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Brightli, Inc. plans partnership with Indianapolis-based Adult & Child Health

The partnership, which is pending regulatory approval, would take Brightli to Indiana, its fifth state

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Dec. 15, 2023

Brightli - A&C

The Boards of Directors for Indianapolis-based Adult & Child Health and Springfield, Missouri-based Brightli, Inc. have signed documents expressing the companies’ intent to create a formal partnership between the two nonprofit organizations.

Under the agreement, Adult & Child Health (A&C), a state-designated Community Mental Health Center (CMHC), would join nearly a half dozen other behavioral and community health providers as member organizations of Springfield-based Brightli, the nation’s fourth-largest nonprofit behavioral health organization by total revenue. Brightli is the parent company of Springfield-based Burrell Behavioral Health and Kirksville-based Preferred Family Healthcare, both of which operate in the Springfield metro area.

The partnership has been approved by each company’s board and is anticipated to be finalized in coming weeks pending regulatory approval. A public signing and press conference in Indianapolis will be announced after the partnership closes, which is expected in early 2024.

Upon signing, A&C will retain its board of directors and continue to operate under the Adult & Child Health name, serving its existing area of downtown Indianapolis, greater Marion and Johnson counties, and the surrounding region. The partnership will significantly increase financial and system support resources available to Adult & Child, for the benefit of those with behavioral health needs in central Indiana.

Dr. C.J. Davis, CEO of Brightli, says, "I am truly excited to see what we can do together"

C.J. Davis

Dr. C.J. Davis is CEO of Brightli. Davis previously served as CEO of an Indiana CMHC from 2012 to 2017 before joining Burrell Behavioral Health as President & CEO.

“I have never stopped caring about Indiana or following the progress of the behavioral health industry there,” Davis said. “To be able to return, and to do so through a company with the legacy and respect that A&C carries in Indianapolis, is a dream come true. Brightli shares the commitment to mission this team lives out every day, and I am truly excited to see what we can do together.”

A&C President and CEO Allen Brown calls Brightli "tremendous partner who is willing to dream big"

A&C President and CEO Allen Brown

Adult & Child Health joins Burrell Behavioral Health, Preferred Family Healthcare, Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health, and other subsidiaries under the Brightli umbrella. Burrell and Preferred Family each have various subsidiaries and affiliates, providing a full behavioral health (CMHC) and community health (FQHC) continuum, including dental services, as well as developmental services operations. Brightli currently serves more than 100,000 individuals in four states. With the addition of A&C, Brightli would employ some 5,500 individuals with total revenue of more than $500 million.

“To expand services in our communities, we need altogether new and different approaches,” said A&C President and CEO Allen Brown. “With Brightli we’ve found a tremendous partner who is willing to dream big, and I know they feel the same way about Adult & Child.”

“The landscape for mental health care is changing. A&C could not be more excited to be at the forefront of that change with Brightli as our long-term partners in Indiana,” Brown said.

About Brightli, Inc.:

Brightli, Inc.’s subsidiaries include Burrell Behavioral Health (including Comprehensive Mental Health Services), Preferred Family Healthcare and Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health. While these organizations operate independently and are governed by separate board of directors, their operations and services benefit from this parent-company model, which allows them to collaborate, share resources and system supports, increase recruiting and retention efforts, increase access to specialized care, and meet the growing demand for behavioral and addiction recovery care. Alone, organizations may be able to navigate the current tumultuous healthcare environment, but we believe that together we can do so much more than survive. Our communities need us now more than ever, and by working together we are ready to answer their call for years to come. In all, Brightli member organizations total more than 5,000 employees in four states, with annual revenues of nearly $450 million. Please visit www.livebrightli.org for more information.

About Adult & Child Health:

Adult & Child Health, a Joint Commission accredited community mental health center and Federally Qualified Healthcare Center Look Alike (FQHC) in central Indiana, strives for equitable, caring communities where all people can live healthy, purposeful lives. Services include behavioral health, primary care, social services, and addictions treatment, all of which are designed to provide quick, affordable, and efficient access to high quality care. Please visit adultandchild.org for more information.


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