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Burrell Foundation presents the Art of Being ME mental health exhibit

The Art of Being ME movement features stories of individuals who face behavioral health challenges.

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The Burrell Foundation, in collaboration with artist Randy Bacon, is proud to present the Art of Being ME exhibit, is now open to the public at Randy Bacon's art studio in Springfield, MO through July 30.

Through his 7 Billion Ones series, Bacon has used multimedia storytelling to raise awareness about homelessness, Down syndrome, domestic violence, and other harsh realities in our communities. The Art of Being ME exhibit, sponsored by the Burrell Foundation, showcases personal stories of more than 20 individuals who have lived experience with mental health conditions or diagnoses.

The Burrell Foundation hopes this powerful, meaningful art will educate the community about mental health, normalize the experiences of those who live with challenges, and inspire others to share their stories. This major exhibition of gripping, inspiring portrait artwork with corresponding raw, personal written stories and series of “punch you in the heart” short films focuses on a variety of behavioral health challenges. The project will ignite important conversations with the idea that mental health issues do not need to be discussed in a hushed voice, as mental health is part of the human experience and not something to be ashamed of. Mental health is part of all of our lives.

The exhibit is available for viewing during regular studio hours until July 30 before it travels across the state and the country to share the powerful message of mental health.


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