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2021 Highlights of Burrell Behavioral Health in the Media

In 2021, Burrell was mentioned in local and national media outlets more than 200 times. Here are some of those highlights.

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In 2021, Burrell Behavioral Health was mentioned in local and national media outlets more than 200 times. Here, see some of the highlights.

Each story gave the organization an opportunity to connect with its community, normalize experiences and offer advice. It was an exciting year, as Burrell announced growth and launched new initiatives, all in an effort to inspire hope and serve those in need.

January 2021 Highlight

"We want people to feel like we are helping them recover as a whole person," Stephanie Robbins said in an interview about Burrell's RecoverED Eating Disorder Services Intensive Outpatient Program.

Photo Courtesy: Springfield Business Journal

SBJ Stephanie

February 2021 Highlight

"I’m just so excited to live in a time where mental health is finally getting it’s due as an important part of daily living," said COO Adam Andreassen when discussing more funding for mental health in the state of Missouri.

Andreassen Adam Profile

March 2021 Highlight

"We've been through phases of emotions starting with fear, nervousness and denial of not knowing what's going to happen to feelings of exhaustion and being overwhelmed," said Dr. Garima Singh in an interview about the mental health impact of the pandemic on healthcare workers.

Dr Garima Singh Burrell Behavioral Health.jpg

April 2021 Highlight

"We have to stop and pause and honor how it is that our bodies are feeling and really invest and be intentional with that," Dr. Shelly Farnan said.

Photo Courtesy: 417 Magazine

Farnan, Shelly 417 pic.jpg

May 2021 Highlight

"We are grateful for the support of our state and our communities, and are prepared for the unfortunate truth that the surge of mental health needs following COVID is going to get worse before it gets better," President and CEO C.J. Davis wrote in the Springfield News-Leader.

C.J. Davis

June 2021 Highlight

"[Therapy] is literally one of the best things I've ever done, you know, for myself," said Chief of Staff Dee King. "I cannot express how much it has impacted me and how much I would encourage other people to receive therapy and mental health care just like you would a sprained ankle."

Dee King Headshot.jpg

July 2021 Highlight

“I am fully invested in this community,” said Keke Rover, System Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “I know what’s it’s like to feel misunderstood and isolated because of someone else’s biases. I want to be a part of change and creating safe space for all. Burrell is committed to doing that work.”

Keke Rover

August 2021 Highlight

"...we can get someone into a caring environment that can address any behavioral health need that will come in front of them," said Central Region President Mat Gass.

Gass, Mat.jpg

September 2021 Headlight

“I wanted there to be order in some parts symbolizing the monotony, routine of life. And then I wanted something to interrupt that. And those interruptions can be really disturbing sometimes; they can be great; they change your picture, but when you step back and look at it, it’s all beautiful," said artist Riana Clark, about how her Be Well Bell design was inspired by her own journey with mental health.

Riana Clark

September 2021

Be Well Community Movement featured on KOLR 10
KOLR 10, September 8
Springfield, MO

Burrell Behavioral Health announces ONE suicide prevention education initiative
September 15

Burrell Behavioral Health announces base-pay raise for staff
Springfield Business Journal, September 10
Springfield, MO

PEER Specialist Lawren Romine and Director of Recovery Amanda Mays share the need for early intervention with youth addiction
KOLR 10, September 29
Springfield, MO

Mat Gass speaks with news talk radio about suicide prevention, ONE Summit
KFRU News Talk 98.9FM and 1400 AM, September 23
Columbia, MO

October 2021 Highlight

"Our charge is to serve (underserved) populations," said Vice President of Communications Matt Lemmon about a new partnership to offer primary care services. "We are designated safety-net organizations for mental health and physical health, respectively, which is why a partnership like this makes an awful lot of sense."

Matt Lemmon

October 2021

Burrell sponsors article about social media and mental health for kids
Columbia Daily Tribune, October 1
Columbia, MO

Burrell mentioned in Missouri Senator's opinion piece about Mental Illness Awareness Week
The Missouri Times, October 5
Jefferson City, MO

News spreads about SAMHSA grant for Burrell's Northwest Arkansas region
Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce, October 7
Rogers, AR

Burrell Behavioral Health partners with Preferred Family Healthcare to offer primary care services
Columbia Daily Tribune, October 11
Columbia, MO

November 2021 Highlight

“My advocacy for underserved and marginalized populations does not stop when I leave my job. It is important to me to try to remove the stigma around behavioral health by having open conversations and showing support and acceptance," said Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations Angela King.

Photo Courtesy: Springfield Business Journal

SBJ Angela

December 2021 Highlight

"This is a wonderful moment for behavioral health care in eastern Jackson County and the greater Kansas City area, and just a taste of what is to come," said Julie Pratt, Comprehensive Mental Health Services President, when talking about the company's merger with Burrell.



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