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2022 Highlights of Burrell Behavioral Health in the Media

In 2022, Burrell was mentioned in local and national media outlets more than 200 times. Here are some of those highlights.

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Each story gave the organization an opportunity to connect with its community, normalize experiences and offer advice. It was an exciting year, as Burrell announced growth and launched new initiatives, all in an effort to inspire hope and serve those in need.

January 2022 Highlight

"We’re hopeful that in those communities where we’re co-located that Burrell clients will get the benefit of having PFH services that Burrell doesn’t already provide and vice versa," C.J. Davis said in an interview about Burrell's partnership with PFH.

Davis c j

February 2022 Highlight

"The ONE program will provide students with resources to support themselves and their peers, so they can be here each day to positively impact the lives of our student," said Burrell board member, Hal Higdon when discussing the partnership between OTC and Burrell's ONE program.

Dr Hal Higdon OTC WEB

March 2022 Highlight

"Over the last 10 years, mental health, I think, has finally come to the forefront as a key public interest issue," said COO Adam Andreassen in an interview surrounding Medicaid expansion.

Andreassen Adam

May 2022 Highlight

"This really will be life-changing for numerous individuals across our county," Dustin Brown said when speaking about the Behavioral Crisis Center.

Brown Dustin

June 2022 Highlight

"The biggest piece is that this is encouraging conversations that aren’t typically comfortable," said Burrell Foundation Executive Director Gabrielle Martin when speaking about the why behind the Art of Being ME exhibit.

Martin Gabrielle sm.png

July 2022 Highlight

"At Burrell Behavioral Health, we have initiated multiple community programs, care pathways, behavioral crisis program, school-based services, and Be Well Initiatives to help provide access to competent mental health care in a safe, informed, and respectful environment," said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Garima Singh.

Dr Garima Singh Burrell Behavioral Health.jpg

September 2022 Headlight

“I am grateful for this opportunity to step into this new role as president. I am conscious of the diverse healthcare issues in our area including the urban and rural divide. I am comfortable in both settings, viewing myself as a bridge builder between the two. This role allows us the unique opportunity to more deeply integrate into the areas we serve," said Southwest Region President Clay Goddard about his new role at Burrell.

Clay 5

November 2022 Highlight

When asked about his goals Central Region President Mat Gass said, "my goal is to create an environment where every person in this community has access to the behavioral healthcare they need and knows how to refer a friend, co-worker or family member to care when needed."

Mat Gass 3


24-Hour Crisis Line

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health or substance-use crisis, please call our toll-free 24-hour telephone line. Our team can help provide immediate assistance.

Southwest Missouri: 1-800-494-7355

Central Missouri: 1-800-395-2132

National Help Line: Call or Text 988