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Burrell offers treatment, substance-use therapy to address opioid use in Central Missouri

Medication First option now available for Central Region residents facing opioid-use disorder.

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News Release

Date: Oct. 15, 2018

Subject: Burrell Behavioral Health offers Medication First treatment, substance-use therapy to address opioid abuse in Central Missouri

Contact: Matt Lemmon, Director of Communications, 417-415-1386, matthew.lemmon@burrellcenter.com

Burrell Behavioral Health is now providing Medication First treatment and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) treatment services for opioid-abuse clients in its Central region, as well as outpatient Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services for addiction.

The Medication First Model of treatment subscribes to the belief that if a person with OUD can be treated with medication from the outset – and quickly stop taking the opioids they have become addicted to – it will allow for more effective individualized treatment once they’re stabilized. Clients are first evaluated by a waivered provider, who then prescribes the appropriate dosage to begin the Medication First regimen.

Burrell currently has capacity to treat 30 clients via Medication First opioid-use treatment, with sessions each Tuesday morning. Burrell Behavioral Health accepts many forms of private insurance, though clients do have the ability to self-pay if insurance does not cover the service. All Medication First clients must be residents of Missouri.

The client then can be connected with Burrell’s outpatient substance use services to begin addiction recovery and address any underlying behavioral health issues. Burrell has staff specially trained in addiction services assisting clients in its Central region, which includes Boone, Carroll, Chariton, Cooper, Howard, Moniteau, Morgan, Pettis, Randolph, and Saline counties.

Substance-use therapy is available for addictions to any substances – not just OUD. Burrell clients do not have to receive Medication First treatment to access substance-use services.

"Opioid use disorder is a national crisis which is affecting public health, as well as the social and economic growth of our country,” said Dr. Garima Singh, Medical Director for Burrell’s Central Region. “Medication-assisted treatment is studied and proven to be an effective standard of care for opioid use disorder. I am excited that at Burrell we have initiated this fight against opioid misuse and are providing access to safe treatment.”

Clients can call 573-777-8433 to schedule an appointment. They do not need to visit Burrell’s Assessment Center prior to booking an appointment.

About Burrell Behavioral Health:

Burrell Behavioral Health is the second largest behavioral health center in Missouri, working with more than 40,000 clients across 17 counties in the state. Burrell has approximately 130 licensed providers that offer a full continuum of care through our integrated network. Services include individual therapy and counseling, addiction recovery, psychiatric and medication management, educational and therapeutic groups, crisis intervention, medication-assisted treatment, adult stabilization, case management, residential treatment, autism, diagnostic testing and evaluations and developmental disability support. Learn more about Burrell’s programs and services at www.burrellcenter.com.

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