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Safely dispose of your unwanted meds at Burrell Pharmacy

Burrell Pharmacy, Transitions Pharmacy in Springfield now feature medication takeback cabinets. Columbia coming soon.

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Burrell Pharmacy is excited to announce that it now offers anonymous, safe medication takeback services via secure cabinets at its Burrell Pharmacy (1300 E. Bradford Parkway) and Transitions Pharmacy (323 E. Grand St.) in Springfield. The Burrell Pharmacy in Columbia (3401 Berrywood) will offer the service in coming weeks.

Chuck Trebilcock, V.P. Pharmacy for Burrell Behavioral health, says the cabinets are a safe, anonymous way to dispose of unwanted or expired medications, keeping the drugs off the streets and your medicine cabinets cleaner and safer. Both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are welcome in any type of receptacle -- the process is completely anonymous, so there is no need to remove labels or re-package the pills.

What CAN be dropped off in a takeback cabinet?

-- All over-the-counter or prescription pills

-- Any type of container or packaging

What CAN'T be dropped off in a takeback cabinet?

-- Liquids

-- Inhalers

-- Needles

-- Illicit drugs or other materials

Burrell Pharmacy is committed to helping our community battle the prescription drug and opioid crisis by reducing the number of out-of-use prescription drugs on the streets. Learn more about Burrell Pharmacy.


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