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Autism Treatment & Services

Burrell's Autism Center provides the latest and most effective diagnostic and autism treatment interventions for children and transitional age youth with an autism spectrum disorder. We also serve the entire family with supportive programs in southwest Missouri.

Autism Treatment Overview

Burrell Autism Center provides the latest and most effective diagnostic and treatment interventions for children with an autism spectrum disorder. We work with families to identify and build on a child’s strengths and supports. We provide tools that aid families in understanding the unique strengths within their child and the barriers that their child faces when engaging in learning and relationships with others. We partner with parents to enhance their child’s connection to the world around them.

A Burrell patient receives autism treatment.

Autism Diagnosis

Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Assessments – Ages 1 through 8

We provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation for families who suspect their child may have an autism spectrum disorder. This evaluation includes a psychological assessment, an occupational therapy assessment, a speech and language assessment, and a consultation with a developmental pediatrician.

Children may be referred to the Burrell Autism Center by their parents, doctors, educators or other treating professionals. Once a referral is received, the family will be contacted to set up a phone pre-screening. This information will be used to determine whether a team screening is needed and to recommend other services while waiting for your screening.

If a screening is recommended, the family will be asked to come in and complete an intake packet and to schedule the screening. At the 1-hour screening, the diagnostic team will meet with the parent and child, at which time the necessary diagnostic services are determined.If further evaluation is needed, the team may refer for a complete or partial Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluation. This recommendation is determined by the individual needs of the child. If no further evaluation is needed at this time, the team will refer the child back to the original referral source and/or other services, as needed.

After all evaluations are completed, the family will be contacted to set up a feedback session with the psychologist where they will discuss the child’s diagnosis and the team’s recommendations for treatment.

Cost Details

We accept Medicaid, private insurance and self-pay clients.


Burrell has been with our family from the beginning. They were there when we first started noticing symptoms and provided testing and they are still there today. As our son has grown and needed different support, Burrell has been a cornerstone to guide us and provide care through each new phase.

Three children sit side by side outside.

Treatment Options

We provide support through individual and group settings for children as young as age one up until age twelve. For services that expand into the larger needs of the family and for clients in their teen and transitional age youth years, funding is provided by the Southwest Missouri Autism Project.

Cost Details

We accept Medicaid, private insurance and self-pay clients. Speech therapy and Applied Behavioral Analysis have funding available from the Southwest Autism Project if no other funding source is available. To be eligible for these funds, clients must be approved for services through the Springfield Regional Office.

Southwest Missouri Autism Project Services

We offer an array of services that are funded by the Southwest Missouri Autism Project. Through this funding source we are able to work with children and their families beginning as young as age one all the way through the transition to adulthood at age twenty-two. To be eligible for the following services, you must be connected with the Department of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities Division. Please contact the Springfield Regional Office at 417-895-7400 or 888-549-6635 to establish the appropriate connection for services


For Your First Appointment

Below is information for your family regarding our location. We also have a link to a manual for full of resources. Before coming to your first appointment we ask that you print off and fill out the child and family history form so that we can make your time in the office as efficient as possible.

2020 Autism Resource Manual

Child and Family History

Main Campus Building A (Connection Center)

1300 E Bradford Pkwy, Building B
Springfield, MO 65804
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The entrance is located down the hill on the east side of the building.

Get Started

To begin services, call 417-761-5330 or fax a referral to 417-761-5331. Standard intake paperwork and a developmental history will need to completed before any appointments are scheduled. For outside agency or physician referrals, you will need to submit client demographics and pertinent office notes along with the reason for referral.

It is important to note that speech and occupational therapy require a physician’s referral.

24-Hour Crisis Line

Call our toll-free 24-hour telephone line for help with your immediate crisis situation.

Southwest Missouri: 1-800-494-7355

Central Missouri: 1-800-395-2132

Northwest Arkansas: 1-888-518-0108