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Integrated Services

School-Based Services & School Mental Health Programs

School Mental Health Programs Overview

We partner with area districts to provide the best support to students, families and school faculty. School-Based Services were created as an innovative approach to provide rapid access to care in the school setting. Our team develops formalized processes for school mental health programs, including onsite behavioral health providers through a collaborative team approach.

Providers also assist in linking enrolled students to services outside of the school as needed. It has been proven that integration eliminates barriers to care and provides additional resources for school staff and families. We work directly with students, families and educators onsite in a few different ways. We provide School-Based Support Specialists and Clinicians within schools to offer individual and group services. We are also available for telehealth meetings if they make sense for your district. We strive to be creative and develop flexible arrangements to meet a variety of needs.

One in five students has a diagnosable mental illness.

This reality creates an enormous stress on our school systems—which are under-resourced—to handle their needs. To be a better partner Burrell has created an integrated approach to services with school districts across Missouri.

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24-Hour Crisis Line

If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health or substance-use crisis, please call our toll-free 24-hour telephone line. Our team can help provide immediate assistance.

Southwest Missouri: 1-800-494-7355

Central Missouri: 1-800-395-2132

National Help Line: Call or Text 988