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RecoverED Eating Disorder Services

Eating disorders are real, complex and devastating conditions that have serious consequences for health, productivity and relationships for women and men of all ages. The good news: RecoverED Eating Disorder Services is here to help.

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Helpful Introductory Information

RecoverED Intensive Outpatient Program

RecoverED Eating Disorder Services in Springfield is offering our area's only Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adolescent and adult eating disorders.

This four-day-a-week program for adolescents 12 to 18 years of age, and is intended as a "next step" from standard outpatient care for acute eating disorder patients not yet needing inpatient treatment, or as a way to step down from inpatient, residential, or partial hospitalization treatment. (RecoverED's standard outpatient care option is detailed lower on this page.)

Why is IOP a needed option? With the exception of opioid addiction, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any behavioral disorder. Additionally, American Psychological Association data shows that you are more likely to successfully complete treatment for eating disorders if you have a dedicated, consistent team to help you along the way.

Those in need of this type of program currently have to drive to Kansas City, St. Louis, or Tulsa for care. This will increase access to much-needed care and eliminate travel barriers that may affect families in southwest Missouri. Additionally, this will be the only IOP in Missouri to readily accept Medicaid as payment, in addition to self-pay clients. More program details and information on accepted insurance will be posted on this page after the first of the year.

What RecoverED IPO Offers

RecoverED IOP offers the following services:

  • Group therapy sessions four days a week, three hours a day
  • A daily meal with a registered dietician and a therapist
  • Meal prep help
  • Shopping
  • Individual therapy/dietician sessions each week
  • Goal-setting
  • Movement sessions (yoga, Tai Chi, etc.)
  • More

To learn more, email RecoverED at RecoverEDprogram@burrellcenter.com.

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What does treatment involve?

Eating Disorders require the help of a trained professional who has expertise in treating eating disorders.

The most effective treatment involves a multidisciplinary team approach so that the individual is engaged in psychotherapy or counseling, as well as attending to medical and nutritional needs.

Eating disorder treatment should be focused on the specific needs of the individual being treated.

Eating disorder treatment addresses the presenting symptoms in addition to considering the biological, psychological, interpersonal, nutritional, and cultural considerations impacting the disorder.

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Experts in the field

Clients at RecoverED will have access to individual and group therapies with experts who have received specialized training in evidence-based practices. The RecoverED program team includes therapists/psychologists, registered dietitians, and psychiatric providers. We work closely with your regular physician to monitor medical stability, and to ensure that your treatment encompasses every aspect of your life.

When you begin working with your team at The RecoverED program you can expect to meet with your therapist one to two times per week, your registered dietitian weekly, and your psychiatric provider as recommended.

Your Individual Treatment team will include:

  • Licensed Clinician (1-2 Individual sessions per week)
  • Registered Dietitian (one 50-minute assessment followed by one 15-30 minute session per week)
  • Group Therapy (One therapy group per week)
  • Psychiatry (Appointments as recommended)

Our Team

  • Stephanie Robbins, Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders
  • Sara Dee, Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders
  • Kelly Huisenga, Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders
  • Sherrie Lambert, Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders

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What to expect

RecoverED Treatment Approaches

While treatment will vary based on individual needs, our eating disorder treatment services have these common goals.

Resources for Friends and Family + Eating Disorder Myths

No one should go it alone. Education for friends and family is vital to the recovery of anyone seeking treatment for an eating disorder. These resources will help educate you on the myths surrounding eating disorders as well as some best practices for being an important ally in treatment and recovery.

Downloadable Resources

Additional Information

Additional information can be found online at the following sources:


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To access this service, take the first step of visiting one of the Burrell walk-in clinics near you. Our team will evaluate and assess the client's needs and identify the appropriate service for that person. Burrell walk-in clinics file insurance information and applications for financial assistance and schedule follow up appointments to start clients in proper care. Click the link below to find the walk-in clinics serving your area, see hours and find more information. Call 417-761-5000 with any questions.

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